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Are you planning to distribute your product or services internationally? Are you present on many markets but finding that costs are difficult to manage? The quality of the localized product does not match the standards of the original?

Strategic decisions are a key factor in globalizing your company. Do I need a localized product in all countries? Is a partly localized product sufficient? How do I prepare the product for localization so that there are no quality and friction issues? Which processes do need to be set up? RS_Globalization can answer these and other questions.

Our services include:

  1. Analysis: analysis of the requirements for your product

  2. Preparation: preparation of processes, support in deciding which countries/languages to include, which components to localize, which tools to use, etc.

  3. Implementation: implementation of the right processes, tools or complete workflow solutions

Call us, your international expansion should not be left to chance.

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