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Have you decided to buy a CAT (Computer Aided Translation) and/or software localization tool? Or are you still trying to decide which tool would best suit your requirements?

Whether you are already using localization tools or are still on the lookout for the right programs... We can help you in your choice and train you either on your own, in small groups or your whole team in seminars and workshops designed specifically for you. Our training sessions also include project management lessons that prepare your project managers for the complex challenges of localization project management. Our special focus is on SDLX training.

Our services include:

  1. Training: individual lessons in SDLX or localization project management

  2. Workshops: special workshops for beginners and advanced users, translators, project managers or localization engineers (programs customized to meet your needs)

  3. Seminars: seminars in software localization, CAT supported translation or localization project management with exercises and learning goal controls for translators, localization engineers or project managers (programs customized to meet your needs)

Get ready for a global market.

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