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Documentation translation

We translate your documentation into the languages you need and prepare it for different media.

We will make sure that we always use agreed terminology, whether created by us before translation starts or provided by you at kick-off. We use all available means to ensure consistency and quality – from simple term lists and the latest genre-specific online glossaries to extensive terminology databases. The translation memory created from software localization is used as reference to improve quality and ensure the consistency of the documentation and online help with the user interface.

Our services include:

  1. Translation documentation: translation of your complete documentation, e.g. produced in Framemaker, InDesign, Word or an XML format

  2. Translation graphics: we translate and edit your graphics or produce the localized screen shots

  3. Translation "collateral" material: whitepapers, fact sheets, contracts, etc.
We use a translation memory system for the translation of your documentation in order to maintain consistency with previous versions and across the product range. After feedback from the client and when the project is finished, we will create and archive a translation memory. Hence, quality and user experience are significantly improved.

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