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Internationalization (I18N) is the creation or alteration of products to prepare them for localization into several languages and locales.

Thanks to the internationalization of software and the Web, applications can support the various encodings that are necessary for processing multilingual information. Currency formats, calendars, input methods and other adaptations that are necessary to fulfill the cultural, legal or technical requirements of local markets are thus supported. Besides the program code, the design also needs to be internationalized sometimes, for example to create graphics that are easily understood in all target markets and do not lead to misunderstandings or are even offensive.

Our internationalization services are scalable and will be tailored to your requests – whether you just require an analysis of the cultural harmlessness of your product or "full" internationalization.

Our services include:
  1. Analysis: analysis of code and definition of international market requirements by experienced computer experts and highly qualified linguists

  2. Internationalization: software and Web internationalization

  3. Testing: test runs to ensure that your products lend themselves to localization

You reduce the risks and costs of your globalization strategy through our internationalization services. Your product will be ready for adapting to local target markets. High subsequent costs and problems due to inadequate preparation will be things of the past.

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