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Website localization

The era of a monolingual Internet is well and truly over. If you want to address international customers, the Web is a cost-effective way to inform them about your products and services.

We will support you every step of the way to a global presence. We analyze your website and the translatable content is extracted and then prepared for translation. After translation, the content is re-integrated and the Website is tested.

What about the multimedia elements? Our experts will take care of these and edit your graphics, Flash presentations and other visual and audio elements.

Our services include:

  1. Analysis: extraction of translatable contents and analysis of your Website

  2. Translation: translation of the contents (from plain HTML to server-side code, Flash animations, etc.)

  3. Integration & testing: creation of the website in the target languages and testing of the integrated site
From beginning to end, you can put the localization and integration of your global Internet presence in our hands and so save the costs of an internal multilingual multimedia department. Through the creation and management of translation memories and suitable workflow processes, you will save considerable time and money on multilingual updates.

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