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Software localization

We adapt your software to the language and culture of the respective target market. We evaluate, extract and re-integrate the translatable contents.

We can offer a complete solution that also includes the generation, testing and QA of the user interface of software and online help. Localization engineers and translators work closely together to ensure the best possible linguistic and technical quality for your product. You can choose what you want to outsource with us and whether you would like a full or partial solution.

Our services include:

  1. Preparation: analysis and evaluation of resources as well as preparation for translation

  2. Translation and engineering: translation and adaptation of the user interface and online help (both – HTML and RTF help)

  3. Integration: generation of target files, building and subsequent testing

When software localization is completed, we create a re-usable translation memory for each language. This saves time and money on updates and upgrades. We will use these TMs to maintain the linguistic integrity of your documentation and online help and to ensure that software terminology is used consistently.

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