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High quality software, Websites or online help should never create the impression of having been translated. To ensure this, these components must be thoroughly tested.

After the translation stage, integration and testing must follow. We co-operate with highly qualified and experienced testing and localization engineers. Whether creating test plans, running functionality and linguistic tests or organizing beta tests – you can rely on us to run the full range of quality management as your localization partner.

Our services include:
  1. Localization testing: testing for linguistic bugs, e.g. untranslated strings, context errors, typical localization bugs like overlapping dialogs or duplicate hotkeys

  2. Functional testing: functional testing of software on various operating systems

  3. Beta testing: organisation of beta tests
Your product is in good hands when it is in our hands. Excellent quality management through our experienced engineering team – you increase the quality of your products and can reduce your team of internal testing engineers to a minimum.

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